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Power Cleaning - Power Washing

POWER CLEANING - Pressure Washing

The Glason Group has many years experience in the Property Maintenance and Pressure Cleaning sector and consistently achieves outstanding results for all of our clients.

Using the latest equipment and unique Australian made cleaning agents, The Glason Group are able to restore block paving, brick, concrete, timber and almost any other hard surface to near original condition. Most times re-painting does not need to occur due to the fantastic outcome of our services.

If you are a home or business owner looking to give your property a 'facelift' or just looking to protect the investment you originally made in your property, The Glason Group can advise you on any of the cleaning services you require. Graffiti removal, colour bond re-vamping, eaves and guttering can look like new, our work is outstanding and guaranteed!

As the manufacturer of Australia's best high performance surface sealers, we are also able to seal the area against the elements once it has been deep cleaned so giving it that "new" look. We can also seal newly laid areas once they have bedded in. We also have wonderful sealers for Sandstone, Timber, Pavers, Concrete and Tiles that will transform your home.

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