Glason did what other companies boasted about but could not deliver.
Sydney International Aquatic Centre
Mould Removal


Most people think the black on the driveway is dirt but nine out of ten times it is mould. Mould spores attach to a surface, multiply then spread. Unless you 'kill' the mould spore it will continue to grow and spread. Washing with water only takes away the dirt and grime, the spore will continue to grow, especially when there is humidity present.

The Glason Group have designed a unique Mould & Spore Killer to remove the spores and prevent regrowth in the long run. We are experienced in the application and have been using our unique system for over 30 years in such places as Universities, Buildings, Strata and Body corporate and Council places to rid unsightly mould from all surfaces.

Glason staff apply the product to all surfaces that need to be cleaned and treated with a mould and fungus biocide to 'kill' the mould spores before pressure cleaning. This system has a proven record in the aid to stopping the inevitable re-occurance of mould for a lengthy period.