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Graffiti Removal


Graffiti ruins the face of properties (eg, public buildings, residential buildings, historical monuments), here at The Glason Group, we offer a fast and efficient graffiti removal services.

If you are looking for how to remove graffiti, Glason's use up-to-date graffiti removal products and procedures and can easily remove graffiti from most surfaces, including concrete, timber, pavers, bricks as well as painted surfaces. Our pressure cleaning units combine hot water and high pressure cleaning to clean your bricks, building facade, footpath, pavers, etc, to make your property look as it should be.

We are able to remove graffiti from many types of surfaces. With an arsenal of different types of products we are able to identify the product to create a solution. The Glason Group provide solutions for all of your cleaning needs.

Glason's Graffiti Removal Services are often around public spaces, eg. schools, shops, shopping centres, Councils, Universities, etc. Glason staff and the general public might be at risk if not delivered by a reputable company with a strong commitment to Occupational Health & Saftey and as such Glason is committed to keeping up with OH&S standards and procedures, as well as redeveloping new ways of helping the community.

Once the areas are cleaned, we are also able to apply an anti-graffiti coating so that where persistent offences occur they can be removed much more easily and in some cases with just soap and hot water. This is a proven way of deterring the vandals of today and keeping the area graffiti free.