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Sydney International Aquatic Centre
Algae Removal


Everybody at one time or another has battled the occasional algae bloom. Carbon dioxide can allow algae blooms to occur overnight.

Effective algae control can take considerable amount of time and money, and is therefore best to use preventative chemicals and techniques to keep blooms minimal and/or get rid of algae altogether.

Glason's effectively treat surfaces affected by algae using our tailored algae removal products, such as Mould and Spore Killer, which provide outstanding results and leaves surfaces looking rejuvinated.

Some varieties of Algae we treat are:

Green Algae: An extremely common variety, green algae will usually rear its ugly head immediately following a hazy condition in the water from a lack of proper filtration and/or sanitation.

Yellow Algae: A wall clinging variety, also called mustard algae, is usually found on the shady side of the pool. It is sheet forming, and can be difficult to eradicate completely.

Black Algae: Perhaps the most aggravating strain of algae. Black algae will appear as dark black or blue/green spots, usually the size of a pencil eraser tip. Their roots extend into the plaster or tile grout, and unless the roots are destroyed completely, a new head will grow back in the same place. The heads also contain protective layers to keep cell destroying chemicals from entering the organism.

Pink Algae: Not really an algae at all, but a form of bacteria. Appears as spots or streaks in corners and crevices.