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High Pressure Washer Equipment

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Kranzle powerwashers are the most innovative and effective cleaning technologies available, combining superior German system design, reliability and outstanding efficiency.

Built into every machine is a pressureless bypass feature which activates when the spraygun trigger is released, ensuring the machine idles without causing heat damage due to water under pressure which affects the pump, motor and seals. This patented feature guarantees extended longevity of the Kranzle pressure cleaner and prevents accidents caused by operator error.

The Kranzle high pressure cleaners also include a dry-run safety feature which prevents scouring of the seals and pistons should water supply be cut, allowing the pump to run dry for up to 2 hours. Other pumps can only run dry for a few minutes before overheating and seizing.

The heart of each high pressure cleaner is the high pressure pump. The Kranzle pump heads are made entirely of forged brass to ensure top quality and a long service life. All pumps are manufactured on CNC machining centres with electronic control systems to guarantee maximum precision and compliance to specifications.

Kranzle pump head technology