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Breeze is a new and safe product designed to be sprayed in the atmosphere literally destroying odours by converting them to a non-toxic and inert compound while adding a fresh pleasant fragrance to the air.

This is a non-staining air-spray and can double as a surface spray on soft fabric such as curtains, lounges, rugs, bed spreads and cushions.

Keep a bottle of Breeze handy for your car glove box, purse or bag, lockers, etc.

Breeze is safe to spray directly onto animals and also around fish. Contains no alcohol or solvents.

Breeze can be used in conjunction with Animal House for general cleaning as it contains a sanitiser base to aid in germ control.

Safe & effective against typical animal odours.

Ideal for:
Carpet, rugs, bedding, beds, toys, litter trays, etc.
Non-staining Air Spray.
A small amount of the finely atomised Breeze mist is generally sufficient to attack and destroy most air-borne odours.
Musk    -     Apple.
Sizes & Prices:
500 ml
5 litre
15 litre
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